Who I’ve Worked With

who ive worked with
who ive worked with
who ive worked with
who ive worked with
who ive worked with
who ive worked with
who ive worked with
who ive worked with
who ive worked with
who ive worked with


Meeting the demands in a diverse industry and working for a varied clientele excites me.

Over the years I have carried out a range of fulfilling and challenging projects for a range of client’s and companies throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. In doing so this has allowed me to express my level of creativity further and cater for the demands within an industry which I love and develop close working relationships with exciting companies and people whilst maintaining a high level of principle and design scope.

I have produced work for a range of different people, public and private sector organisations ranging from Charities, Clothing, Manufacturing, Government, News & Media, Travel, Conservation, Motors, Sport, Entertainment, Celebrities, Telecommunications, Architecture, Art & Design and many more.


  • MacMillan Cancer Support
  • Victim Support NI
  • Oxfam Trek On
  • NHS Blood
  • Action Cancer
  • Woodland Trust


  • Ghana Football Association
  • EA Sports
  • Linfield F.C
  • Ulster Rugby
  • Zamalek F.C
  • Giro d Italia
  • Agogo Fitness
  • Manchester City F.C
  • Orlando Magic
  • Irish Football Association
  • FAI
  • Aberdelghy Golf Course


  • Ballydougherty Ice Cream
  • Bowmore Scotch Whisky
  • Budget Energy
  • SlurryKat
  • Solmatix Renewables
  • Kubota


  • Club BLU
  • Turntable Junkie
  • Guinness Arthurs Day
  • Omega Events
  • Foyle Film Fetival
  • Junkified Recordings
  • NI Opera
  • Millennium Forum
  • Sandinos Bar
  • Wrestling.ie
  • Blue Square Bet
  • Charleville Agricultural Show


  • Atomic Clothing
  • Leo the Lion (Merchandise)
  • a design for life
  • Junior Agogo (Merchandise)
  • Turntable Junkie (Merchandise)
  • Juicy Couture

News & Media

  • News Letter
  • Northern Ireland Today
  • Media Portal
  • inverted heroes
  • Reboot Gamer
  • Rendezvous 365

Public Sector

  • AIG Insurance
  • AXA Insurance
  • In House Services Group
  • Shannon Airport
  • City of Derry Airport
  • Pegusus Airlines
  • Lisburn Council
  • Portadown Town

Art & Design

  • My Little Robot
  • Atomic Art
  • Van Dijk Architects


  • Mini JKC Specialist Cars
  • Mercedes Benz Agnew Group
  • Marshall Volvo Grantham
  • NI Trucks
  • Hertz Car Rental
  • Pat Kirk Group


  • Go Outdoors
  • Peacocks
  • Ruth Bigger Opticians
  • Primacy Meats Butchers
  • ASDA Baby & Toddler Event
  • Topaz Direct
  • Martin Phillips Carpets
  • City Auction Group


  • NEC Business Solutions
  • Imag!ne Communications
  • Chill.ie


  • Junior Agogo (Professional Footballer)
  • Leo the Lion (Music Artist)